Success Stories

"if you're curious about dating, left wondering why it didn't work, how to get someone interested in, or simply want a little guidance on how to handle yourself in a crowded area (like a bar or a place full of potential meetings with people) I would highly recommend Matthew and his videos."
Heather Fowler
"I started to take his advice and then it all of the sudden it became easy to approach men and talk to them and go on dates with them shortly after."
Melissa Gibson
"I went from dating no one and meeting no one new to giving two cute guys my number (then figuring out they weren't for me). Going out with three others and then maybe finding the one for me. We'll see."
Alice Griffin
"This is information that I wish I had learned and applied years ago. The information and examples Matt uses in both the book and the videos are practical not just for seeking romantic relationships but also for every social relationship."
Amanda Wells
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